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I am directed to state

In reply to your letter 3285 R.A.

Under Section IV of Act VII

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3(1)

To enquire into and determine the existence and extent of any rights alleged to exist in favour of any person

No claim was made by that date of any right under these two sections

The notification is submitted herewith

Instructions should at once be sent

You are hereby required to take notice that, in default of your appearance on the day before-mentioned, the issues will be settled in your absence

Your letter has evidently been written under a misapprehension of existing facts and prescribed procedure

There may be some rules by which they do this, but so far as I have not seen this I can only be guided by Standing Order no. 42

In this connection I enclose a copy of the printed rules on the subject

For necessary action and return

Under these circumstances the Committee should hold his surety responsible

I am of the opinion that there are certain directions in which the operations recommended can be desirably curtailed

It is practically impossible to furnish an estimation

I see with infinite regret

I fail to understand

This is an unsatisfactory procedure

I have had under consideration for some time the question of the propriety

I must again write to say that I think that there is still a misunderstanding

I cannot agree with you that no great delay seems to have occurred

I do not want this at all

I must apologize for the very egotistical tone of my letter

I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of your letter

I have the honour to say that there is not, as you suppose, any misunderstanding in the position

I have the honour to inform you that I do not coincide in your view

I have the honour to say that I am not competent to deal with the proposal

I have the honour to say that I see no prospect of being able to undertake the work

I have the honour to be


Your most obedient servant.

[all texts are excerpts from correspondences between British officials, preserved at the Delhi State Archives]